Why Not Monitoring the Media Could Turn out to be Costly

Why Not Monitoring the Media Could Turn out to be Costly

You don‘t care about what you don‘t know? You should. This applies to many areas, of course, but especially when it comes to media exposure, ignorance can cost money. Here are some of the most important factors and how a media monitoring solution can help tackle them:

Your competitors

Not obvious at first glance, but on closer inspection an extremely important factor: the competition. Tracking your competitors’ media exposure can offer key benefits. Reports on new products, advertising campaigns, unpaid content or even scandals can be important information for your next decisions.

Industry or B2B influencers

This is not about hip teenagers who report on their everyday life via Youtube, Instagram and other channels, but about opinion leaders who are experts in their fields. It refers to economists, politicians, business experts and researchers or scientists who have a significant impact on the respective industry and shape it with their reports and findings. Staying up to date pays off, as information like this can have a major effect on the development within an industry.

Sentiment analysis

As an instrument for measuring success, sentiment analysis is an extremely useful feature of modern media monitoring tools. Emotions play a major role in conveying messages - whether in marketing, PR, sales or politics. They can actually determine the success or failure of a campaign, as they are what affects the recipients of the message most. Thus, it is highly important to analyze the polarity of a message, i.e. to determine whether the message is phrased in a positive, neutral or negative way and to adapt the communication accordingly.

Reputation & PR management

Media monitoring is not only useful for building a certain reputation but also helps to protect it. With realtime monitoring and notification you always stay up to date and keep track of everything that is being reported about your company, your brand or your customers in the broadcast media. Especially for crisis management prompt action is key. As bad news spreads and slowly but surely damages your hard-earned reputation, you are losing real money. The reverse also applies to positive reporting: use the full boost that your company or your industry is experiencing through media presence and do not let gains slip through your fingers.

As you can see, media monitoring can be very useful for many purposes. Find out how your business can benefit from a tailor-made solution and simply book your free demo here:

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