Ad Campaign Monitoring

Valuable Insights on Ad Campaigns - in Real Time

To effectively track and analyze advertising campaigns across different channels and sources, eMM offers a reliable ad monitoring solution using innovative fingerprint technology. Keep an overview of important factors such as range, broadcast frequency, time or station - completely independently, 24/7 and in multiple languages.

eMM offers ad campaign monitoring for own campaigns, competition and across industries.


Anyone who books advertising campaigns in traditional media is dependent on extensive information from the provider — eMM offers the possibility of individual and immediate campaign insights: in real time, 24/7.


Only those who keep an eye on the campaigns of the competition can take countermeasures promptly — for example by switching to digital at short notice. Comparing one's own media presence with competitors contributes to a valuable holistic picture.


The observation of campaigns within the entire industry provides important aspects for planning future ads. A tailor-made ad monitoring solution allows users to carry out completely independent analyzes — whenever and wherever they want.

Tracking Ads Using the eMM Fingerprint Technology.

The original spots are converted into a fingerprint, which is then used to examine media such as TV and radio. The results are detected in real time, which guarantees immediate insights via the eMM online platform and therefore full control over your campaign. At one glance, the ad monitoring solution reveals:

  • At which time were the spots broadcast and on which channel?
  • Was the spot broadcast on time or earlier/later than scheduled?
  • Did the spot air at all?

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The original spot is transformed into a finger print, which can then be detected within the media landscape. The hits are immediately visible via the eMM online platform.

Use of eMM Ad Monitoring

  • Strategic media planning: For strategic media planning, comprehensive information from the current media landscape is needed. Thanks to eMM's ad monitoring solution, the media presence of competitors can easily be included as well as their campaign content and messages.
  • Insights on current campaign progress: Anyone who wants to keep an eye on their own campaigns independently of media providers or agencies is well advised to use an ad monitoring solution. This enables analyses and tracking in real time - completely independent of location via the web platform.
  • Monitor radio and TV stations for ad placement: In order to monitor the exact placement of advertisements on TV and radio, the ad monitoring tool offers a detailed overview that shows whether the spots were shown at the right time, different from the planned time (and when) or not at all.
  • Improve strategies by monitoring relevant ad campaigns within the industry: By analyzing relevant campaigns within the respective industry, important findings for strategy development and improvement can be derived. This means that well-informed decisions can be made for future campaigns.
  • Manage contracts with media houses to ensure getting the values agreed on: Have the agreements on the frequency of broadcasting, station distribution, time or placement actually been adhered to? These framework conditions can only be determined autonomously with the help of an independent monitoring tool.

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eMM provides you with a 360 degree media monitoring solution covering many different media outlets all over the world.

360 Degree Monitoring with eMM

eMM provides users with tailor-made solutions for any business case. Rely on many years of experience within the media monitoring business and profit from innovative in-house developed technologies.

From classic media monitoring covering more than 3,400 broadcast channels worldwide, to broadcast data for your business intelligence tool to progressive fingerprint ad detection solutions, we’ve got your media monitoring requirements covered.

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